Jetpack is a totally different aquatic activity, where you will learn to fly in the air thanks to an aquatic backpack placed on your back, which is propelled by two powerful propulsion water jets.

After a brief introduction to the basic operation and safety features of the jetpack, strap on a helmet and strap in for your wet and wild ride. Take a dip in the water and hear some final advice from your guide, heard through watertight headphones that allow you to communicate with them during your flight.

Within seconds of the jetpack springing to life, effortlessly climb out of the water, climbing up to a height of up to 9m above the surface. No need to worry about adjusting the throttle, it's controlled by your trained instructor who gives you more or less power based on your ability and performance.

20 - 30 min
Available days
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday y Saturday
Does not allow infants
No children allowed
Adults from 14 year(s)