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Terms and Conditions

This website which will be called the "WEBSITE" is a platform managed by Adolfo Abreu Gracia. "QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA". The use of the WEBSITE is conditioned by these terms and conditions, which we ask you to read carefully, since when visiting, using the WEBSITE or booking and contracting referring to the products of the WEBSITE to the phones of QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA, THE USER is expressly knowing, understanding and accepting these Terms and Conditions.

This WEBSITE is only intended to provide USERS with travel information, determine the availability of goods and services or tourist and recreational activities and land transportation to make legitimate reservations, QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA acting as an intermediary between the USER and the SUPPLIERS o PROVIDERS. The term QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA refers to the administrator of the Platform provided to USERS by ADOLFO ABREU GRACIA., A natural person who as an intermediary provides various tourist products and services or recreational activities. The term "USER" refers to any natural person who has subscribed to the Terms and Conditions and has access to the WEBSITE and / or who makes a reservation through the WEBSITE or through the QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA phones mentioned within the SITE WEB acquiring products from the WEBSITE.


For the present instrument, the following definitions will be understood, the words not considered in this section will be given the legal meaning or that of common use:

- QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA.- ADOLFO ABREU GRACIA., Who contracts and / or acts as an intermediary through its suppliers and providers, and Administrator of the WEBSITE provided to USERS.

-USER.- any person who enters the WEB SITE from any device through the Internet and through which they can consult and / or book through the intermediation the tourist or recreational services or products that will be provided by the Suppliers or Providers.

-INTERMEDIARY.- QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA acts always and at all times as an intermediary between the suppliers or providers and the USERS, for the acquisition of the services and products promoted through the WEBSITE. and / or Registered trademark or in the process of registration, internet domain, by which QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA as an intermediary allows the USER through the internet to reserve products and tourist and recreational services.

-RESERVATIONS.- It is any contracting or request for services that the USER makes through the WEBSITE to make use of it at a certain time. All reservations are considered independent of each other. All reservations are subject to the terms and conditions of this page and those specified by the SUPPLIERS and PROVIDERS. Reservations will be subject to availability and costs may vary according to season and location. A reservation is considered Complete, when QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA or the FINAL SUPPLIER confirms the reservation immediately, by email to the email provided by the USER and that the service charge has also been applied to the USER.

-SUPPLIERS AND PROVIDERS.- Any natural or legal person who directly provides the reserved tourist or recreational services and products contracted by the USER through the WEBSITE. It is considered equally as FINAL SUPPLIER or FINAL PROVIDER.

-PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. Tours, recreational activities, ground transportation and / or the combination of one or more services promoted and marketed as an intermediary through the WEBSITE and that SUPPLIERS and PROVIDERS must provide according to what is reserved and contracted by the USER. -Packages "Combos" .- The reservation that includes within the same payment the combination of two or more equal, similar or different products, based on the characteristics that the WEBSITE allows. Package prices are subject to change for government taxes, duties or contributions.


For the consultation and use of the WEBSITE, the USER guarantees that (i) Have the legal capacity to contract ii) Be at least 18 (eighteen) years of age iii) Use the WEBSITE for your personal use and exclusively for reservations, by which may not be commercialized or reserved for third parties in exchange for any remuneration iv) Read and accept the Terms and Conditions of each SUPPLIER or PROVIDER, as well as review the details and prices prior to the reservation v) The WEBSITE contains material protected by rights copyright, trademarks and other industrial property rights, including without limitation texts, software, photographs, videos, graphics, music and sounds, for which, the USER will be solely responsible for any damage caused by any violation to Copyright, Industrial Property, or any other kind of Property Rights, or for any other damage caused by the misuse that USER make the WEBSITE. vi) The user must not insert "upload", present or in any other way make available on the WEBSITE any material protected by copyright, trademark or other property right without the express consent of the owner of the rights of author, trademark or other property right, vii) QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to deny access to the WEBSITE to any person, at any time and for any reason, including, but not limited to the violation of the Terms and Conditions of use, vii) it is forbidden for the User to make or make a fraudulent, false or speculative reservation or any reservation in advance of a demand, ix) The User may not at any time and under no circumstances copy , reproduce, republish, upload, modify, transmit, distribute content, frame, create a mirror site, copy in whole or in part, or any other m anera incorporate any part of the WEBSITE in another website, download or copy on any electronic device, likewise you may not copy, reproduce in print, digital, written, graphic or in any way, without express written authorization from QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA, x) QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA may, at any time and without prior notice, if it detects that the User's reservation shows signs of fraud, abuse or suspicious activity, cancel any reservation related to his name, email address or account and close any associated account, likewise may publish as a preventive measure the data of any offender and file the corresponding legal actions before any Administrative or Judicial authority. QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA reserves the right to file against the USER any legal action for suspected fraud, improper use of industrial property and any other that for the Law is considered as Crime, xi) The USER may not violate the automated restrictions of the headings of this WEBSITE, or perform any action that violates or exceeds the security measures used to prevent or limit access to the WEBSITE, xii) THE USER may not perform actions that may be considered as downloading or copying the QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA infrastructure

QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA may frequently and without prior notice to the USER, any information that is transmitted or reproduced on this WEBSITE, reserving the right to censor, eliminate, modify or totally or partially prohibit the transmission that in the opinion of QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA violates the conditions, security, image or any other contrary to the policies of QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA


-The USER declares by his own and personal right, i) to be a natural person acting in the use of his personal and own right, ii) to have the legal and legal capacity, iii) to have the economic capacity to contract and be subject to the these Terms and Conditions, iv) as well as having their own, personal and voluntary interest to carry out searches and acquire reservations through the WEBSITE, v) express in the same way, recognize QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA as an intermediary, as well as understand and accept that SUPPLIERS and PROVIDERS have their own contracting terms for service or product.

- QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA, declares, i) to be a Physical person duly constituted according to the Mexican Legislation, ii) to have as a Federal Taxpayer Registry aega870330gqa iii) to have as domicile for all kinds of notifications derived from this, the located, site in, calle 2 norte between 5av and zfm in playa del Carmen quitana roo iv) be a marketer of tourist services and have within its corporate purpose the character of an intermediary, the marketing and promotion of all kinds of tourist or recreational services and products.

The USER declares, i) understand and accept that for the purposes of search and reservations through the WEBSITE they will be subject to these Terms and Conditions, ii) Understand, acknowledge and accept that the services provided by QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA are in character of intermediary.


THE USER may search and book the products and services that QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA promotes and markets as an intermediary through its WEBSITE.

QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA grants the USER a license to use the search engine and reservations on the WEBSITE, in accordance with the policies and conditions.

Each product and service within the WEBSITE will contain the prices in dollars of the United States of America currency or in Mexican Pesos, the prices in dollars will contain the corresponding exchange rate, the prices will be valid only during the quotation and until the same reservation has been completed. Reservations will be subject to availability, subject to the policies and conditions of SUPPLIERS and PROVIDERS, and prices or costs may vary according to the season of the year, country or PROVIDER, changes and modifications to reservations may at any time be subject to availability. and rate changes.

Once the reservation is confirmed, the USER must print their confirmation and present it on the dates indicated to the SUPPLIERS or PROVIDERS to validate the service.


QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA reserves the right to add or modify the Terms and Conditions at any time without the prior consent of the USER. The terms and conditions, as well as their modifications, will be considered as coming into force at the time they are published. The User may at any time review the Terms and Conditions through the WEBSITE or through access through the URL or website of the affiliates or business partners. The preparation of a reservation and the contracting of services through the WEBSITE is the express manifestation that the USER has read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of the WEBSITE as well as those of the final PROVIDER. To complete a reservation you must necessarily accept the terms and conditions.


Your credit card will be charged in the name of Payulatam. for the total amount of your reservation.

The full amount of the reservation will be charged online and the charge will appear on your statement within 36 hours.

Once the charge is confirmed, you will receive an email with additional information to your reservation (eg: Pick up) and access to your receipt / boarding pass for printing.

It is essential to present your receipt / boarding pass when using the service (tour or transfer).

The boarding pass will be requested at the time of check in or by the guide at the time of boarding.

The cardholder must sign the boarding pass when using the service before boarding. In case the person who appears on the tour is different from the owner of the card with which the reservation was made, they must present a valid identification copy of the credit card holder.

In case of Storm or Hurricane, you can only change the dates of your tour or change for another tour, being that the payments in this case and time period are not refundable.

The boarding pass / voucher is valid only when signed by the client indicated on the reservation, and is delivered at the start of the tour, activity, attraction or ride together with a photo ID of the reservation client.

We reserve the right to request additional documentation (Request for authorization of charge and valid identification) to guarantee the protection of the cardholder and avoid Identity theft.


a) The availability of the reservation made by the USER cannot be guaranteed until it is collected. The USER may make the reservation payment by bank transfer or by debit or credit card through the WEBSITE or directly by calling the QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA reservation center

b) For payments by bank transfer, the USER must send the payment by email to QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA, as well as call the reservation center to confirm receipt.

c) For payments through the WEBSITE or by telephone to the QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA reservation center with credit or debit cards, the USER will provide QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA in writing or verbally with the credit or debit card details , security number, name of the Cardholder and address of the card with which the payment is made, therefore, the USER hereby authorizes QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA to use their bank details provided only to make the payment of the USER reservation. At the time that USER generates his reservation, QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA must check with SUPPLIERS or PROVIDERS for availability, therefore USER grants QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA a period of between 24 to 48 for the corresponding confirmation, which will be sent by mail email to the USER's mail.

d) The prices of Products and Services of the WEBSITE may be published in different types of currency, and for the collection, the amount of the transaction per reservation will be converted and charged by QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA in Mexican Pesos or Dollars currency of the United States of America. The exchange rate published in the Official Gazette of the Federation or that determined by the Banking Institutions on the date the payment is made will be applied.

e) QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA will protect your privacy data, the USER understands and declares to know the terms and conditions of the Privacy Notice that governs the WEBSITE, which can be consulted at any time through the privacy notice

f) QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA will charge the total amount of the reservation made to the card provided by the USER, confirming said reservation with the application of the same. The total amount of the reservation and the fiscal data of the SUPPLIER or PROVIDER will appear on your account statement, or with the legend that applies to SUPPLIERS or PROVIDERS. Reservations that include the purchase of one or more products or services, may be reflected in your account statement in one or more payments.


The USER acknowledges that QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA is a company whose purpose is to provide services as a Travel Agency Intermediation through the Internet. QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA makes at your request, the reservations of the products and services promoted through the WEBSITE, between the USER and the SUPPLIER or PROVIDER. Derived from the above, QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA / does not have, assume, have or assume any responsibility generated from the relationship between USER and SUPPLIER or final PROVIDER of products and services, Therefore, the USER at the time of booking and buy accepts and acknowledges the provisions of these terms and conditions and releases QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA / CANCUNTOURSECONOMICOS.COM from any responsibility for: i) failures ii) delays iii) partial non-compliance iv) total product charges and / or services that are provided directly by one or more SUPPLIERS or PROVIDERS and not directly by T QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA.

The USER may at any time directly or through other intermediaries acquire the same, similar, analogous products or any other product or service different from the same PROVIDER or PROVIDER, for which reason, QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA will not be responsible for the PRODUCTS and SERVICES acquired directly or through intermediaries from SUPPLIERS or PROVIDERS.

QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA does not undertake or guarantee to publish the best rates at all times, however, QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA will always seek commercial alliances that provide benefits, discounts, packages, or any plus to the USER.

All SUPPLIERS and PROVIDERS of the WEBSITE reserve the right to change the rates and costs at any time, so QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA reserves the right to cancel any reservation if full payment has not been made by the USER.

QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA will not be responsible for the extra charges or acquisitions that the USER acquires directly from the SUPPLIERS or PROVIDERS.

The SUPPLIERS or PROVIDERS may request the USER a release of responsibility to perform or execute any service.

The USER must read the characteristics of the product that he acquires through the WEBSITE. The USER states that he knows and understands that the reservations and purchases made through the WEBSITE are subject to additional terms and conditions, therefore he is asked and recommended to carefully read those terms and conditions that have been determined by the SUPPLIERS and PROVIDERS. USER agrees to abide by the additional terms and conditions, when making, making and applying the reservation and / or purchase of the PRODUCTS or SERVICES, accepting but not limited to the timely payment of any debts, extra purchases, as well as complying with the policies and regulations established by the SUPPLIERS and PROVIDERS in relation to the application of the reservation, availability, dates, and contracted products or services.

Due to SUPPLIER and PROVIDER policies, it may be the case that when making the product or service effective, the SUPPLIER or PROVIDER requests the USER to leave a credit card or guarantees any possible extra expenses in cash, in the same way, the SUPPLIER or PROVIDER The right of admission or provision of the contracted service is reserved, if the USER does not comply with the indications of its terms and conditions. The services contracted directly by the USER to the SUPPLIER or PROVIDER will be directly between them, so the deposits and charges will be completely unrelated to QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA.

QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA promotes and book through the WEBSITE as a travel agency as an intermediary, booking to International destinations specified on the WEBSITE, QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA does not advise traveling to any particular destination, therefore it does not guarantee or will guarantee that the trip to said international destinations are safe or risk-free and will NOT be responsible for damages or losses derived from the trip to them.

The USER understands that the violation of any of the above rules or restrictions may result in the cancellation of your reservation by QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA and / or PROVIDER and / or PROVIDER, denying you access to the products or contracted services without refund.

THE USER is and will be at all times solely responsible for ensuring that it complies with the legal requirements for leaving their country, as well as entering foreign countries, therefore, the USER must investigate the country's current legislation on their own. of origin and destination of the trip and process the necessary documents such as passports, visas, notarial permits in case the minors travel without one or both parents, and in general any legislation in force in the country of origin and destination .

THE WEBSITE tries at all times to provide the USER with the most accurate prices and rates; However, these prices and rates are not guaranteed and may vary and suffer last minute changes that QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA cannot control.


QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA will not be liable under any circumstances for damages, injuries, losses, prejudice or illicit resulting from the use of this WEBSITE or the content found here, for the failure, delay or impossibility of using any component of this SITE. WEB for reservation and purchase services.

Neither QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA nor its Affiliates, will be responsible for any direct or indirect, punitive, incidental, compensatory or consequential damages that may be caused to the USER's electronic device resulting from viruses through their WEBSITE, servers, emails or due to access , use or navigation of this site, or by downloading any material, data, text, image, video or audio from the WEBSITE. The mails and servers of QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA and its SUPPLIERS or PROVIDERS are constantly protected from viruses.

The information, content and description, software, products and services published on this WEBSITE may contain errors or inaccuracies, including price errors. QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA does not guarantee exactly and does not assume any responsibility for the inaccuracies or errors related to the information, description of the products and services provided by the SUPPLIERS and PROVIDERS.

QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA will not be responsible for bad weather on the dates that the USER's reservation is applicable, the USER may not request a refund from QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA on this basis.

QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA reserves the right to correct prices and content within the WEBSITE or directly in the reservations made that have been made with inaccurate prices, and at any time QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA may request the correct payment or cancel the reservation without penalty from the USER.

The classification of hotels products promoted within the WEBSITE are intended to provide a general parameter to the USER of the conditions, characteristics and quality of the service. QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA does not guarantee i) the accuracy of the qualification of the products, ii) products or services that can be found around the selected product, iii) certain products or services that you want to obtain within the selected product.

QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA does not have and will not have any type of employment relationship with the SUPPLIERS and PROVIDERS or with third parties contracted by them, for which reason QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA will not be responsible for the acts or omissions incurred by said SUPPLIERS and PROVIDERS or the third parties that have contracted to grant the product or provide the service.

QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA will not be responsible and will not provide any refund for delays, cancellations, overcrowding, strikes, acts of God, force majeure or any other cause beyond its direct control, nor does it have or will have any responsibility related to any expense additional, omission, delay, route changes or acts of any authority or government, as well as the legal provisions or their modifications in the countries where the product is provided or the service is provided.


In fortuitous event or force majeure, QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA may suspend the provision of its services, until the event that originates the cause has passed and has been completely ceded. QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA will guarantee only and exclusively the products and services that the USER has reserved, purchased and fully paid until before the event of fortuitous event or force majeure originates.


QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA may assign or delegate in part or in full all rights and obligations of this contract without prior notice or without the consent of the USER. QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA undertakes and undertakes to guarantee the provision of intermediation services in the event of assignment or deletion of part or all of its obligations.

The USER may not assign, subcontract, delegate rights or obligations contracted here. The USER may not under any circumstances commercialize or use this WEBSITE for commercial or profit purposes.


All cancellations must follow the following process: i) USER must call QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA stating their desire to cancel the previously contracted service, QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA will assign a travel advisor and email, ii) The USAURIO must send a email to the travel advisor assigned by QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA specifying the cancellation wish, the purchase date, the reservation or confirmation code and the documents that protect the personality and the purchase of the products.

a) PRODUCTS or SERVICES referring to tourist and recreational activities.

In Easter and Holiday seasons, cancellations will be subject to the terms and conditions specified and applicable for those dates, which will be subject to SUPPLIERS and PROVIDERS, so the USER must call QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA to find out about the themselves, and may NOT be refundable.

QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA is not responsible for any change or for any change or error in data provided by the USER for the reservation of tourist and recreational activities, such as names, surnames, ages, sex, dates, routes, airlines, classes, categories, address, or any other provided by the USER.

b) RESERVATION OF LAND TRANSPORTATION. According to the terms and conditions of the SUPPLIERS or PROVIDERS.

QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA is not responsible for any change in itinerary, or for any change or error in the data provided by THE USER for ground transportation reservations, such as names, surnames, ages, sex, dates, routes, classes, categories, or any other provided by the USER.


All cancellation and refund requests must be made by email to

Cancellations with full payment:

Cancellations made up to 48 hours before the service = 80% refund

Cancellations made between 36 and 47 hours before the service = 60% refund

Cancellations made between 24 and 35 hours before the service = 40% refund

Cancellations made up to 23 hours before your service = No refund applies

In case of applying reimbursement, the reimbursement times can vary between 10 days to 30 business days depending on the payment method.

Cancellations with partial deposit payment ARE NOT REFUNDABLE

If you make a reservation and only deposit the partial deposit of your reservation and not the total payment of the excursions, the deposit will NOT be refundable in case you need to cancel the contracted excursion.

If the client simply does not show up for the tour (no show) = No refund applies

Cancellations of full payment made on a reservation paid via Paypal only apply for a 70% refund

Partial refunds do not apply to combo tours. If you take one of the tours that make up the combo, cancellation and / or partial refund will not be possible

Changes of schedule and / or date for "Hotel-Airport" transportation reservations are allowed only 5 days before the service

These policies do not apply in cases of hurricanes, tropical storms, or any other natural phenomenon; for these cases only the tour date change policy will apply

Special discounts and / or promotion codes will be applicable only during the dates established for the discount. These discounts will not be retroactive in reservations made in periods prior to the promotion and / or in which the customer omits to enter the promotion code in the field corresponding to the time of the reservation.

For motivated cancellations in order to receive a discount published after the original purchase, a 20% penalty will be applied

IMPORTANT: These cancellation policies do not apply to tickets or any activity of Joyá Cirque du Soleil. For services related to this company, no refund applies.


The Trademarks of the WEBSITE or those that are promoted on the WEBSITE, are registered trademarks or in the process of registration for the use of QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA, or of the SUPPLIERS or PROVIDERS, and in a non-limiting manner all those visible within the WEBSITE. corresponding to logos, trade names, patents, utility models.

The USER may NOT and may not, in part or in whole, copy, reproduce, record, publish, teach, download, print, modify, alter, transmit, distribute or reproduce in any way, neither the Marks nor the content of the WEBSITE, without counting with the prior express authorization of QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA.

THE USER declares to recognize and understand in a non-limiting way that all the texts, paragraphs, sentences, elements, colors, design, specific combination of words, letters or phonetic elements, graphics, button icons, graphic design works, photographs, specific combination of colors and shapes, editorial material, printed formats, search formats, digital downloads, compilations of data, source codes, software (s), computer program (s), database (s), within the SITE WEB, constitute copyrights registered or in the process of registration and are the exclusive property of T QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA or the PROVIDERS and PROVIDERS, or on which there is a Use License Agreement and are part of the object of the WEBSITE, therefore the USER CANNOT and cannot partially or fully copy, reproduce, record, publish, teach, download, print, modify, alter, transmit, distribute or reproduce in any way, the s Copyright of the WEBSITE, without the prior express authorization of QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA.


The titles of the clauses of this Contract are only to facilitate reading and handling, so it will not be understood that they define or limit the obligations of QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA or the USER.


In relation to the terms and conditions, both USER and QUALITY TOURS RIVIERA MAYA agree that they will be governed by Mexican legislation and specifically by the Courts and Jurisdiction of the State of Quintana Roo, expressly renouncing any other jurisdiction that by current or future domicile could reciprocate.