Coba Mayan Cenotes


Explore 3 of the most important cultural and natural wonders of the Mayans, walk towards the ancient lost city of Cobá where you will find its main temple, the enormous Nohoch Mul, a structure that measures around 40 meters high, which makes it one of the tallest pre-Columbian buildings in the entire Yucatan peninsula, with more than 120 steps.

Swim in the enigmatic beauty of the Xibalbá underground river and experience the adrenaline rush of rappelling in the Tam-ha cenote. With the variety of activities and attractions during the tour, you will unite your explorer spirit with the Mayan heritage.

4 horas
Available days
Monday y Wednesday
Infants up to 4 year(s)
Children from 5 until 11 year(s)
Adults from 12 year(s)